Benefits of Using Glass Straws

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5 reasons to switch to glass straws

My family and I have been using glass straws for three years now and love them. As Earth day approaches, I wanted to give just a few reasons to ditch disposable straws for their glass alternatives.

Benefits of glass straws

Glass straws are reusable. There is no need to clutter the landfill with disposable, single-use straws. Yes, straws are thin and relatively inconsequential compared to so many other disposable items out there. However, if you consider just how many plastic straws are being thrown out on a daily basis – 500 million straws*, it’s not so inconsequential in the bigger picture.

Glass straws are toxin-free. Manufacturers use borosilicate glass to create these straws. Therefore, they are naturally toxin-free. You can take comfort that BPA, or other toxins associated with plastic and paper straws, will not leach into your beverage.

glass dharma straw glass

Glass straws are more durable than plastic or paper straws. Although not indestructible, glass straws can and will sustain some drops and falls. Paper straws will crumble and plastic straws will flatten, especially if you have a child that likes to bite straws like mine. Glass straws will remain the same shape from beginning to end. If you’re concerned about the safety of children using glass straws, you can read my review of the Glass Dharma. Additionally, glass straws are dishwasher safe.

Glass straws can be used with cold and hot beverages. Glass can handle the high temperatures of hot beverages. Although plastic straws can too, there is the concern that toxins can leach into drinks at these high temperatures. Since glass straws are naturally toxin-free, toxins will not be leaching into your hot beverages.

Glass straws are recyclable. Most glass straw manufacturers have a 100% guarantee for their products; you can return your damaged glass straws to them to get them fixed. However, rest assured that these straws, like most things made of glass, are recyclable.

glass dharma varities 2

We’ve tried and tested Glass Dharmas in the past and can’t say enough about the products and customer service of the company.

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  1. I’d love the bent straws in both the iced tea and the smoothie sizes! We just got a Vitamix blender and I’ve been looking for straws with a wider diameter for my smoothies! I would also like the iced tea sized straws for my *cough*daily*cough* cold brew iced coffees…

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  3. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I love the decorative dots straws. My favorite straw would be an ice tea decorative dots straw in amber.

  4. katie collins says:

    I love the beautiful bends! They look so artistic and just like plastic but more environmentally friendly and cute!

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