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In past posts, I’ve mentioned some ways to go green. One of the easiest way is by recycling. This Friday, November 15, 2013 is America Recycles Day. To celebrate the day, I will take Big B to the recycling center. We have bags and bags full of plastic bottles and aluminum cans we need to recycle. Not only have we collected them in our households, but my parents and aunts save their recyclables and give them to us.

In case you haven’t had enough recycling statistics, here are a few facts about it.

Recycling 101

I know that for some, recycling can be challenging as there are no resources available to facilitate it. Visit the America Recycles Day website to learn more about this campaign and what you can do to to minimize landfill clutter. The website offers tips and information on ways you can engage your family, friends, and community in this plight.

If facts and figures aren’t your thing, below is a list of all the everyday items you probably use that are made of recycled products. One of the awesome thing about recycling is that it minimizes dependence on raw materials; new resources don’t have to be utilized to create new products.

Products made from recycled materials
  • Paper: cardboard and other paper products, tissue, egg carton, asphalt, shingles
  • Aluminum: new aluminum cans, toys (i.e. baseball bat)
  • Glass: new glass bottles, kitchen tiles, counter tops, wall insulation
  • Plastic containers: new plastic container, toys, clothes (i.e. fleece sweatshirt), bags (i.e. PET reusable bags), furniture
  • Plastic bags: new plastic bags, plastic lumber, drainage pipes,

Whether you are an avid recycler or just starting out, check out my post on tips about recycling. If you have any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to learn more about how you and your family recycle.

How are you going to celebrate America Recycles Day? Join over 46,000 Americans and take the pledge today.



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