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A few months ago, I started looking into sprouted baked goods. Although none of us have a medical reason to avoid gluten, I was really curious about the good and bad of eating wheat/gluten products. We don’t avoid it, but wanted to make sure that what we do consume is the good stuff. Fast forward to a few months later, little did I know that one of the buzz words I would hear all over Expo West was sprouted.

I had an opportunity to visit the Angelic Bakehouse booth at Expo West and was glad I did. They sent a variety of sprouted baked goods to review. We loved them all. I once tried a different brand of sprouted bread and English muffin, and they were so dense. The kids were not a fan. The sprouted baked goods from Angelic Bakehouse were not dense at all; the kids and hubby couldn’t tell the difference between these and non-sprouted baked goods. They were not only healthy, but tasted delicious. It’s hard to go back to non-sprouted after eating these.

Angelic Bakehouse sprouted baked goods

  • Breads: Wheat, Rye, 7-Grain, Honey Wheat with Raisin, Reduced Sodium, No Added Sodium
  • Rolls: Dinner rolls, Baguette
  • Buns: Hot Dog buns, Hamburger buns
  • Flats: Flatzza, Flatzza Buddy, Premium Wrap

The one thing I noticed right away was that the labels recommend freezing the baked products. Since I had so many of them, I did just that except for the hamburger buns. I had planned on making hamburger for dinner the night I received the package but it didn’t happen until almost two weeks later. Despite keeping it in the refrigerator, some of the buns grew mold. The reason being, those buns are made without artificial preservatives. All you get with each bun is the good stuff.

Below you’ll find snippets of how I used the baked goods we were sent.

Angelic Bakehouse product features

  • Sprouted
  • Whole Grain
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Free of HFCS

The hamburger buns were perfect for a serving size. I paired the burger with portobello mushroom fries and they were a big hit.

angelic bakehouse sprouted burger buns

I like raisin bread, the kids, not so much. They don’t like raisins. I masked the raisins by making french toast and they loved it. I completed the meal with poached egg and strawberries. For me, I simply toast the bread and eat with grass-fed butter for a no-fuss snack. Yum!

angelic bakehouse sprouted raisin bread

Pictured below is the 7-grain bread with fresh homemade peanut butter. These are not big pieces of bread. It’s a good size for the kids’ sandwiches, but a little small for hubby’s.

angelich bakehouse sprouted seven grain bread

I’ve been on a wrap craze lately. For an entire week, I sent both Big B and hubby to school with turkey wraps. The Angelic Bakehouse wrap is thicker than other wraps I’ve used. It does stay closed, but I had to use a toothpick because I over stuffed it. Big B, who usually doesn’t like the texture of seeds and won’t eat anything resembling small seeds, had no complaint about this sprouted wrap.

angelic bakehouse sprouted premium flats

I served the dinner rolls during lunch when the in-laws were over. My SIL loved it and I think I converted her over to sprouted baked goods. After lunch, we looked at where she could buy the rolls near their place. She liked them that much.

angelic bakehouse sprouted dinner rolls

We had a make-your-own pizza night for dinner one night. We prefer thin crust pizza so the Flatzza Buddy were perfect for us. The kids had so much fun creating and eating their pizzas. Big B requested pizza for lunch the next day, so I made more pizza with the Flatzza the next day.

angelic bakehouse Flatzza buddy

The price point for Angelic Bakehouse sprouted baked goods products are a bit more expensive than the non-sprouted counterparts. However, I should say that they are very competitively priced. You can find Angelic Bakehouse products online and at brick and mortar natural foods grocers all over the country.

Visit Angelic Bakehouse to learn more about sprouting. You can also connect with Angelic Bakehouse on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. lissa crane says:

    That’s a tough choice since they all look great, but the one I am most excited to try is definitely the Smart & Good Looking 7 Grain Bread! I love multigrain bread and this one looks awesome! I love the names of all these breads!

  2. Marti Tabora says:

    I’m most excited to try the Sprouted 7 Grain Premium Wraps, they look really good and I like making wraps with smoked turkey and spinach. Thank you.

  3. Kelly O says:

    I would be excited to try any of the products. I am so excited they are Non-GMO, as it is mandatory for my family. The SPROUTED 7-GRAIN Baguette, looks really good. I love baguettes with tomato and basil. Yumm .

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