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A few weeks ago hubby and I had a lunch date at Asmara Eritrean Restaurant in San Diego. It’s not that we went all the way to San Diego for a date, though that does sound fun. We were already in San Diego and decided to have Ethiopian (one of my favorite cuisines). We have tried two other Ethiopian restaurants in San Diego and both were closed, so we happened upon Asmara. It was a very good thing we did.

As per our protocol, we ordered the meat combination plate and vegetable combination plate. Honestly, I can never remember the names of each individual dishes so we always opt for the combination. It’s not like I’m going to look back in the menu to figure it out either. Once the food gets to the table, I dig in. My hands are covered in food and I do not want to touch the menu.

If you’ve never had Eritrean or Ethiopian food before, you do not use utensils to eat. Instead, you eat with your hands by picking food up with the injera. You see the brownish-grayish holey thing the food is on? That is injera. Think of it as tortilla or naan, something to use to put food in your mouth. Most, if not all, dishes come with injera. We rarely ask for seconds since what they usually give us is plenty.

Asmara meat and vegetable combo entree

The combination had good portions for three people. Since there was only two of us, we had left overs. (Oh and did it taste yummy for lunch the next day.) If you look at the picture, on the top are the veggie dishes and on the bottom are the meat dishes. They are flanked by a green salad on both sides. Some of the dishes are spicy. I don’t know if you can request how much heat goes in the dishes, but we didn’t ask.

Asmara Eritrean Restaurant is located at 4155 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92105.

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