My Babywearing Experience: An Update

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Since my first post on babywearing, I have had the opportunity to try a variety of baby carriers (mei tai, structured carrier, wrap). I wore Big B as an infant and used the Baby Björn®. It was the one thing that my husband got to pick out all my himself for our baby registry. We both loved it. I liked being able to carry Big B like a backpack (albeit in the front) since I was used to carrying backpacks. I liked that I didn’t have to switch arms while carrying him or reposition him since it was arms-free. I liked that his weight was equally distributed so there was no stress on one part of my anatomy. Unfortunately, the model we got didn’t have quite the back support that I needed so as my son grew and gained weight, I couldn’t carry him in the Baby Björn® for more than 15 minutes as it hurt my back. My husband continued to use it for much longer since he didn’t have the back issue I did.

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Babywearing meant freedom to me. If and when Big B wanted to be held, it afforded me the luxury to have him close while being productive at home. It was also freedom from using a stroller, especially while shopping. I loved our stroller but the basket was just too small to fit my groceries. During those quick errands to the store for groceries or other things, it was definitely more convenient to put him in the carrier than to bring the stroller or put the infant seat in the cart. After Little B was born, babywearing gave me the freedom to play with Big B and go out-and-about with him with more convenience.

There are so many types of baby carriers and brands out there that it sometimes get overwhelming. Even when you do your own research, it’s still a little confusing. My suggestion is to go to a store and try the carriers out. It’s good to hear mommy friends and bloggers talk about their favorites, but it’s not the same as physically using one yourself based on your body. I think carriers are available to try at boutique baby stores and even Babies R Us. However, don’t quote me on BRU.

Once done with your carriers, feel free to give them to new mamas or donate them. I gave all of my carriers to my sister when she was pregnant. She is getting some good use out of them now that my nephew is here.There are also organizations that take used carriers and provide them to families who need them.

Whichever you decide on getting, I firmly believe that it will be helpful. So many parents wear their kids. There’s even an annual event to help celebrate it and create awareness.

Happy wearing!

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