Backstage at Medieval Times Buena Park

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knights helmets and armor

A few weeks ago, hubby, the kiddos, and I had the opportunity, and privilege, to go behind the scene at Medieval Times Buena Park. It was a wonderful and informative experience. There is so much that happens, so many little details, that go unnoticed by the spectators. I have to admit, I don’t often think about all the hard work that goes on when I watch a live show. I get so immersed in the performance that it doesn’t even cross my mind that the performers had just rehearsed for 5 hours that day before stepping into costume.

On our tour we met Jesse and Redha, two of the people who help make what you see in the arena the spectacular show that it is. Jesse is the Head Knight, he is in charge of all the squires and knights at the Buena Park castle. Redha is in charge of anything to do with the beautiful horses; from their welfare to training new riders.

jesse and redha

After touring the inside of the castle, we headed to the stables where we met the horses. The boys just loved that part of the tour. The horses at the castle are all males and come from the Medieval Times horse ranch in Texas. Horses stay at respective castles for several years before they retire. They are properly trained for about a year or so, depending on the horse’s skill and abilities, before they begin performing. Since there are several shows a week, all horses rotate performances to ensure their safety and well-being. Redha and I spoke for about 15 minutes about the horses, where they originally came from, breeding, and training. It was truly an eye-opening experience.

medieval times buena park stables

We met and approached a couple of the horses. It’s been a while since I was up close and personal with a horse; I took horseback riding lessons years ago. These horses were gentle, friendly, and well-mannered. I seriously wanted to take some of them home, and so did the boys.

petting horse at medieval times

After our visit to the stable, I had a chance to speak with Jesse while hubby and the boys watched the knights rehearse their routine – yes routine (they don’t go out there just swinging the battle-axe and swords around). Similar to medieval times, all knights start out as squires. They go through training and take “tests” before ascending up the ladder (so to speak). Everything the knights do is choreographed, and for good reason. The weapons are pretty real. They are not real real, but they are real enough. Trust me, plastic swords don’t spark when they clash against each other.

knights training in arena

knights rehearsing battle

Since the knights had to prepare and dress for the performance, we left them and headed to the Knight Club. I know, right?! We hung out, hubby got a drink, and the boys begged and pleaded to buy (more) swords to add to their collection. Then, the show began. We ate, we cheered, we were merry. We definitely will be back to Medieval Times Buena Park. It’s not just because Big B loves the dragon soup, but our exclusive behind-the-scene look just made the whole experience a lot more interesting.

metal sword medieval times

Visit the Medieval Times Buena Park castle website for information on show times, ticket pricing, special events, and discounts. You can also connect with Medieval Times Buena Park on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

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