Bamboo Kitchen Organizers

organizing with bamboo

There are many ways to organize the kitchen. As far as eco-friendly materials is concerned, bamboo is a great option. After we redid the kitchen, there were cabinets and drawers that were changed completely. What used to fit no longer did. I had to think of how to organize the kitchen so that it was functional and met my needs.

I decided to look for products that were in line with my green lifestyle. I am a firm believer in reusing and repurposing what I already have, but I didn’t have anything for every kitchen drawer. Lucky for me, there was a sale on Woot for bamboo kitchen storage.

Bamboo organizers

  • Lightweight
  • Made from sustainable resource
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sturdy

Like other storage options, the bamboo drawer organizer is stackable. This was an important feature for me as I had some drawers that were deep enough to hold a lot of little kitchen gadgets. I wish I could declutter, believe me. There are gadget and tools in there that I use no more than a handful of times a year. However, after seeing how little space I had, even with the organizers, I stopped buying new gadgets. I guess organizing helped in more than one way.

bamboo stackable storage bins

Yes, I have way too many kitchen gadgets…and that’s only the top layer.
kitchen gadget drawer

Another drawer organizer that I love is the adjustable dividers. I got these at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are not cheap, but using a coupon definitely helps. I tried to use old plastic tupperware, packaging boxes, even an old utensil caddy. Unfortunately, the tupperware and boxes were too high for my drawer. Also, the utensil caddy was just too narrow for most of the cooking utensils. The adjustable dividers fit perfectly. The only thing that irks me a little is that the grips are not very good. They move and shift slightly. Other than that, they do a good job of keeping things separate.

bamboo drawer dividers

There are cute bamboo utensil caddies designed for the counter, but since I have very little counter space, I try to keep as many items in drawers and cabinets as possible. On my wish list is a bamboo expandable cutlery organizer, as well as a 3-tier bamboo shelf for plates. I know that no one is going to see these organizers but us. It’s not likely that guests are going to open up my kitchen drawers just because. However, it matters to me that I am using my money to purchase household goods that are made from sustainable resources.

What do you use to organize your kitchen?

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