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I am always in search of eco-friendly household cleaning products. There are so many companies jumping on the bandwagon and branding their products as earth friendly, that sometimes it’s hard to recognize the companies who truly make products that are eco-friendly, from those who use marketing ploys. I found Berkley Green™ from a list by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partnership program called Design for the Environment (DfE). Before companies can put the DfE label on their products, they must meet the DfE’s standards and criteria of safe and effective products for humans and the environment. Check out DfE’s website to find out more about this program.

I received a cleaning kit from Berkley Green™ to try. I enjoyed using all of the products I received. One of the reasons is because the products worked well; definitely comparable with other eco-friendly products and non-green products. Additionally, all the products were mild and non-irritating.

Dish Liquid – The soap did a good job cleaning and was not harsh on my hands. It is concentrated so I did not use a lot of it during use. Although it does not create a lot of suds, it can clean quite a bit of dishes even when using a small amount. I’ve used conventional and other eco-friendly dish soaps, and the Berkley Green™ dish soap works just as well to cut grease and rinses well.

2x Laundry Detergent – I have an he washer that works really well, which makes it difficult to evaluate the performance of the laundry detergent. I can say that we have not had any skin reactions to this product, which is great since my son’s skin gets sensitive during the winter. I like that it is concentrated so that we need to use less of it to wash a full load compared to regular strength detergents on the market.

All Purpose Cleaner – I have used this product on tile, chrome, fiberglass, and plastic, just to name a few surface types. It works well. Similar to the dish soap, it cuts grease well, leaving my surfaces clean. I do let it sit to ensure that it penetrates liquids that has caked and solidified. In the past, I’ve used a different eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner to clean my bathroom. I always had to turn on the vent during cleaning and make sure I didn’t inhale to deeply because I always ended up coughing. It wasn’t the scent that bothered me since it was fragrance free, it just felt kind of fume-y to me. The Berkley Green™ All Purpose Cleaner didn’t bother me at all; there was no linger smell or irritating fumes.

Glass Cleaner – This is a great alternative to vinegar and water and other non-green products on the market. I use SKOY™ cloths to clean surfaces and combined with the Berkley Green™ Glass Cleaner, my glass are clean and streak-free. For tougher spots, I leave the cleaner on for about 30 seconds before wiping off. I don’t feel like I have to work harder to clean glass or make it streak-free just because I’m using a plant-based surfactant.

Berkley Green™ products are sold in kits for $15 on the company website. Most of the kits contain 4 products, which equals to less than $4 per product. That is a very good deal when you consider that the product is eco-friendly and a percentage of the sale goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. I have said many times that eco-friendly products are more expensive than their conventional counterpart, but they are definitely worth the peace of mind.

We have not had any safety issues with these products. I feel safe and secure when my son wants to help me clean mirrors when using the glass cleaner; which is something I would not do if I were using a non-green product.

You can connect with Berkley Green™ on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.


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