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if you care products

There are many, many choices that consumers have when it comes to kitchen products. As an eco-conscious mom, I stand behind brands that are not just good for the environment, but that are better than the non-eco-friendly alternatives out there. I learned about If You Care at Expo West a few years ago. I was sent products to sample and have been a loyal customer since then. It’s hard to say which of the products are my favorite, but I can say that after comparing the products I feature in this post to others, I keep going back to If You Care.

If You Care kitchen products

  • Foils and wraps: aluminum foil, wax paper, snack and sandwich bags, baguette bags
  • Baking and cooking: parchment paper, baking cups, baking pans, cheese cloth, twine
  • Coffee filters
  • Cleaners: dishwashing liquid and tablet, liquid detergent, stain remover
  • Household: sponge cloths, firelighters, gloves, trash bags, reusable paper towels

I did not bake much growing up, and it’s probably how I didn’t know that baking cups have to be greased so that the muffins or cupcakes slip right off. I love the baking cup I reviewed. If You Care has three sizes: jumbo, large, and mini. I used the large and they worked well. They fit my pans nicely and my muffins didn’t stick to them at all. Not only are these baking cups greaseproof, they are manufactured without using any chlorine. They are also compostable. How about that?

if you care baking cups

I have to say that the parchment paper, hands down, are my favorite of all the parchment papers I have tried in the market. I’ve done the dollar store parchment paper, the grocery store brand, and even other eco-friendly brands. Others just don’t stack up to this one. It’s coated with silicone so it’s non-stick. Similar to the baking cups, these are made without any bleach, is greaseproof, and compostable.

if you care parchment paper

Since I use reusable cloth and nylon sandwich bags to pack lunches and snacks, I rarely used the sandwich bags for packing sandwiches. I did find other ways of using them since they are a good size. I put favors in them to hand out at parties or Big B’s class exchanges (i.e., Valentine’s Day). These are also great for wrapping baked good for cookie exchanges or just to give something to the neighbors. Although this can’t be compostable, along with the other If You Care paper products I’ve tried, these are bleach-free and came from FSC certified forests. Despite not having any paraffin products, these are greaseproof bags, which is great if you use mayo or pesto for sandwiches.

if you care sandwich bags

Although the sponge cloth is multi-purpose, I really just use it to clean up my counter tops and tables. I’ve tried using it to clean my mirrors and windows, and even if it does a good enough job, I still prefer to use a microfiber cloth for windows/mirrors. The sponge is absorbent and dries quickly. After use, I just hang it on my kitchen faucet to dry, and it’s ready for the next use. It does shrink a bit after washing. I’ve washed it by hand and in the washing machine. The sponge is tough, it’s gotten a lot of mileage and hasn’t shown any signs of disintegrating. It really is a great replacement for paper towels. These sponges are made with cellulose and non-GMO unbleached cotton. Like the parchment paper and baking cups, these are compostable. Seriously, I wish I had a garden just so I can compost all these If You Care products.

if you care sponge cloth

If you are looking for ways to make your kitchen greener, try If You Care. As with other green alternatives, they are bit more expensive than the non-eco-friendly alternatives. In this case, the pennies are worth it. The one thing about some green brands is that they are not widely distributed as their conventional counterparts. I’ve seen If You Care at Sprouts and Mother’s Market. Otherwise, online retailers like Amazon are your best bet.

Visit If You Care to learn more about other product lines. You can connect with If You Care on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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