Cavalia Odysseo Extends Show in Orange County Until April 4

cavalia odysseo the fairies
Credit: Cavalia

I was invited as media to watch Cavalia Odysseo in Irvine last week. We started the evening in the Rendez-Vous VIP tent which opens 90 minutes before the show. Hubby and I ate dinner in the VIP room before the show started. The food was an eclectic mix of gourmet appetizers and foods. Everything was delicious. I ate just enough and was pretty full. The catering staff were very attentive to the buffet and refilled plates and bowls as soon as they emptied; ensuring guests dined well and were satiated. There were two bars serving unlimited beverages including beer and wine. The Rendez-Vous VIP also serves as an art gallery, with paintings of horses displayed throughout the lounge. In addition, a photobooth was available for guests to take pictures and a boutique with Odysseo items for sale.

Rendez-Vous VIP includes

  • Center-row seats
  • VIP Pass
  • Buffet with a wide variety of complimentary foods served before the show
  • Unlimited wine, bubbly, and beer
  • Dessert Buffet, coffee, and tea served during intermission
  • Exclusive stables tour after the show
  • Odysseo souvenir
cavalia odysseo acrobats
Credit: Cavalia

After dinner, I made sure to grab a couple of bags of popcorn for the show. As part of the VIP package, guests sit in the first few rows. We sat on the second row, towards the left side of the stage. We were up close and personal with the performers. Before the show began, the audience were asked trivia questions on a big screen about the show. It was a fun and engaging way to get the audience excited about the performance while waiting for it to start.

cavalia odysseo
Credit: Cavalia

Cavalia Odysseo

  • Odysseo features 65 horses of 11 different breeds
  • There are 45 international artists which includes riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, and musicians
  • There are 350 costumes and 100 pairs of shoes and boots used in the show
  • The stage is 17,500 square feet with a video backdrop the size of three large movie theater screens
  • A full-sized merry-go-round and 40,000 gallon lake make appearances in the show
cavalia odysseo the traveler
Credit: Cavalia

The show opened with a song and horses parading the entire stage. I was mesmerized from the first act to the last. The stage was a sight to see in and of itself. It’s quite dynamic, as theater stages go, but it’s huge. The mere size of the stage was overwhelming even without the backdrop and props. Through the 17,500 square foot stage, and with the help of 18 projectors and 200 moving lights, the audience was transported to several destinations around the world: from Africa to southwest America to Easter Island. At one point in the show, a full-sized carousel descended down to the stage and 40,000 galloons of water magically filled the stage for the final act.

cavalia odysseo the angels
Credit: Cavalia

It was exciting to see the beautiful horses so close. I could tell that the performers and horses had created quite a bond. Performers were always quick to kiss, pet, and verbally praise the horses throughout the show. They really cared for the horses. All the horses in the show are males, and given that, the trainers have done an amazing job with getting all of them, including the stallions, to work well with each other.

cavalia odysseo nomads
Credit: Cavalia

Odysseo brings together a variety of performers: acrobats, horseback riders, aerialists, dancers, musicians, and singers. In addition to performers, technicians, on-tour costume department, trainers, and other staff member round the cast who brings Odysseo to life at each show location. All music heard by audience were performed live. Except for the songs, they were no other speaking parts of the show. It was through the artistic movements of both humans and horses that made the show so captivating and riveting.

cavalia odysseo final scene
Credit: Cavalia

There was one intermission in the show. As part of the VIP experience, we went back into the Rendez-Vous lounge for coffee and dessert. The second part of the show was just as exhilarating as the first. A lake magically appeared on stage. During the backstage tour, I found out that it takes 20 minutes to completely drain the lake. Water used for the lake is recycled.

Odysseo is enchanting and mesmerizing. I sat in pure bliss seeing the majestic horses perform. There were jaw-dropping moments when aerialists and acrobats held poses that defied gravity. The sheer muscle control that these artists had was beyond me. The mellifluous musical numbers were very soothing. The whole show was spectacular.

Odysseo will be in Orange County until March 27. Whether you are a horse lover or not, this show is one not to miss. Visit Cavalia for more show information and to purchase tickets. You can connect with Cavalia on Facebook and Twitter. Use code SocialOC to receive a 10% discount of ticket sale price.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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