Daphne’s Cali-Greek Bowl

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I’ve mentioned in past posts how much our family enjoys eating out. We really do. One of the reasons is we take pleasure in trying new things. We don’t always have to go to a new restaurant just to try something new. Our favorite restaurants are always coming up with new menu items to taste.

We visited Daphne’s recently to try the Cali-Greek bowl. (Disclosure: Sponsored post.) What I like about this bowl is that you can customize it to your taste and dietary preference. You can order a different bowl every time you visit the restaurant and have a completely different experience.

Daphne’s Cali-Greek Bowl
  • Variety of choices for a personalized creation
  • Choice of 6 proteins: salmon, steak kabob, gyro, chicken kabob, shrimp, falafel
  • Choice of rice: rice pilaf, citrus brown rice
  • Standard ingredients: black beans, guacamole, fresca, jalapeño bacon, Greek chipotle sauce
  • Ranges from 540 to 860 calories depending on the combination you get
  • Good portion size

 Daphne's Cali-Greek bowl with falafel

I chose to get the bowl with falafel and citrus brown rice (730 calories). I love Daphne’s falafel; they really are awesome. The first bite of the bowl was amazing. I made sure to get a little bit of the sauce, falafel, brown rice, and guacamole on my first bite. The Greek chipotle sauce definitely has heat and a lot of flavor to it. The guacamole tempered the heat a little bit, at least in my opinion, so the chipotle sauce wasn’t overpowering. The flavors all worked well together. The ingredients seemed fresh and the bowl was aesthetically pleasing.

The price point of $5.99 is great. Like I mentioned, it’s a nice portion size and is quite filling. The combination that I made provided me with 26 grams of protein and 80% of my dietary fiber allowance. Unfortunately, it also made up for almost 50% of my daily fat allowance and 66% of my sodium intake. To cut down on these, you may want to share the bowl and a salad with someone.

Daphne's Mango Chicken salad

We also tried other menu items like the Mango Chicken Salad and gyro wrap. They were delicious. Although, I have to say that I favor the Cali-Greek Bowl of all three. Big B ordered his usual, a cheese flatbread pizza. You actually won’t find it in the menu, but we just asked them not to put pepperoni as a topping. Lastly, Big B had a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was bigger than my palm; seriously. And just like the other desserts I’ve raved about at Daphne’s, it was yummy.

Daphne's gyro wrap

Both the Cali-Greek Bowl and Mango Chicken Salad are available for a limited time only. I believe the Cali-Greek Bowl will be offered until the end of the year. If you are a fan of Mediterranean food, the Calif-Greek Bowl might just pique your interest.

Daphne's cheese flatbread pizza

Visit the Daphne’s California Greek™ website for nutritional information on the Cali-Greek Bowl and Mango Chicken Salad. Connect with Daphne’s on Facebook and other social networks. Daphne’s is currently offering a $10 gift card for every $30 gift card purchased. If you plan on giving gift cards this holiday season, why not get something back for yourself as well.

Have you been to Daphne’s lately? What’s your favorite Mediterranean dish?

Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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