DIY Star Wars Felt Ornaments


Last year, as the family eagerly awaited the seventh installment of the Star Wars saga, I created felt ornaments for the kids’ mini Christmas tree. I searched online to find ideas. Upon stumbling upon DIY Geekery, I was inspired. These easy-to-make DIY Star Wars felt ornaments were so fun to make. The kids LOVED them. Although you can make ornaments from pretty much anything, I made these from leftover felt.

The ornaments are about three inches tall. I fully intended on stuffing the ornaments with filling, but since I ran out of time, I decided to keep them flat. I would definitely stuff them the next time around just to give them a bit more depth. Also, I might use a blanket stitch for the edges instead of glue; I think the stitching would add a nice classic look to the ornaments.

As for the felt, I bought colors that were closest to the character features. Yoda is a combination of green, tan, and brown felt, with brown thread for eyes and hands.
Yoda ornament

Obi Wan’s face is cream, his hair and beard are white (it’s actually one piece), and his clothes are tan and brown. In the picture below, you can see all the layers of each ornament. Each character has at least two layers to add stiffness to the ornaments. One layer was just too flimsy since I didn’t stuff it. (Yes, I’m still obsessing over not stuffing them.)
Obi Wan felt ornament

Princess Lei’s hair is actually black, though the picture makes it look brown. Her face, like Obi Wan’s, is cream. Her dress is white with a black belt.
Princess Leia ornament

Boba Fett’s helmet is dark green and burgandy. His body is tan and his armor is dark green. The stormtrooper in the background is white and black.
Boba Fett felt ornament

Darth Vader is all black. He was the easiest of the characters to make since it required very little cutting. I used silver thread to outline his helmet to indicate his eyes and mouth. All of the ornaments pictured are one-sided. If you are so inclined to make them double-sided, more power to you.
Darth Vader ornament

Materials for Star Wars Ornaments

  • Felt, multi color
  • Ribbon
  • Thread, multi color
  • Glue

Although you can pretty much make whatever shape you want for the ornaments, I love the angel shape featured on DIY Geekery. I have since created my own template for these ornaments. Feel free to download them (Skywalker twins, Jedi, the Dark Side) for personal use.

Happy crafting.

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