Dr. Woods Lavender Castile Soap

dr woods lavender castile soap

In my research to find natural soaps for the family, I often came across castile soaps. Many of my green blogger friends rave about it. It’s apparently practical; perfect not just for personal use, but for the home as well. In my effort to greenify our home and minimize the use of synthetic products, as well as cut down on the number of products I buy, I decided to try castile soap.

We received the Shea Vision Lavender Castile Soap from Dr. Woods to review. (Disclosure: Sponsored post.) Like other castile soaps, Dr. Woods castile soaps are all natural and plant based, no animal fat was used in production. All soaps are free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives, and lauryl/laureth sulfates. Although some of the ingredients are sourced elsewhere, the products are made in the US.

Dr. Woods product lines

  • Organic soap – uses 100% organic oils, comes in 6 scents
  • Bar soap – Castile, Shea Vision, & Skin Lightening, comes in 9 scents
  • Liquid soap – Castile & Shea Vision, comes in 5 scents
  • Shea Vision Facial Cleanser: Black Soap, Tea Tree

As soon as I opened the bottle, I already had a list of things that I wanted to try it out for. First, I used it as a body wash for the kids and myself. It was very effective at cleaning our skin, but was definitely gentle and didn’t dry it out. I could smell the lavender on our skin after the shower, it was subtle and non-irritating. Although the soap is mild, it is not a tear-free formula. Therefore, I used this as a shampoo just for me and not the kids. I actually used it more as a shampoo than a body wash. I loved how clean my hair felt after using it. I can actually hear how clean it was. You know how when you rub a squeaky clean tupperware with your fingers and it makes a sound? Yup, I rubbed my wet hair and I heard the same noise. It was clean; no grease, oil, or dirt.

After trying it for personal use, I decided to use it for other things around the house. I cleaned my very dirty TOMS with it. The water was so murky afterwards, but the TOMS came out nice and clean.

using castile soap to clean shoes

I also made my own foaming hand soap with it. I found a recipe that called for castile soap and sweet almond oil. The Shea Vision soap was perfect since it already had a moisturizer built in to it. I made the foaming soap at least twice. The first time, I used a 1:3 ratio of soap to water. It was too watery and barely foamed. (See picture below.) The second time, I used a 1:2 ratio and it was better.

homemade foam soap using castile soap

Visit the Dr. Woods website to find more information about the different product lines and scents offered. You can also connect with Dr. Woods on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Disclosure: I received products featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinion expressed are my own


  1. Heather Z. says:

    I love castile soap and Dr. Bronners. I have only tried the shea vision black soap which smells like men’s cologne (which to me is not a bad thing!).

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  3. Jennifer P says:

    I’d also love to try the Raw Black Shea Butter Soap, Red Currant Clove Raw Shea Butter Soap and the Black Soap formula Shea Vision Facial Cleanser. Thanks for the giveaway.

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