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Ecos products all natural ingredients

A while back, fellow bloggers and I toured the headquarters of Earth Friendly Products in Garden Grove, California. All I can say is that I am more in awe of the company than ever before. Earth Friendly Products is quite an impressive green company; from product manufacturing to packaging to shipping, sustainability is at its core.

Before the tour, we made household cleaners to take home. A short presentation informed us of the basic ingredients of all their cleaners (surfactants, enzymes, pH adjusters, essential oils, etc.) and what each component does. I made a multi-purpose cleaner scented with grapefruit essential oils. I am now a fan of grapefruit scent, even more than other citrus scents. All ingredients used in all Earth Friendly Products products are listed on each container and the website. The company believes in transparency and letting the consumers know just what it is they are using for their family and homes.

Making our own Earth Friendly Products cleaner

On the tour, we watched the assembly of the window cleaner and dishwashing detergent. It was just like a scene in the show “How it’s Made.” We weren’t able to see all of the manufacturing process, but we did stop by the room where the green chemistry happened. That part of the tour took me back to chemistry class in college. I really miss bench work. My favorite part was a whole wall of essential oils used in the products.

Earth Friendly Products assembly line

Earth Friendly Products  green chemistry

As we walked throughout the facility, we learned about the green practices this award-winning company employs to be eco-friendly. Nothing is wasted. The company reuses, reduces, and repurposes as much of their materials, such as shipping packages, as possible. If items can no longer be used, the last resort is recycling.

Earth Friendly Products  recycling bins

There are many things about this company that really resonated with me. One of my favorites is how much of the energy used in production is generated by the sun. A large portion of the roof is covered in solar panels. I wish more companies operated like this. In addition to creating products that are better for the environment, Earth Friendly Products also reduces its carbon footprint through a variety of methods.

Earth Friendly Products headquarters rooftop solar panels

Earth Friendly Products green efforts

  • Use of solar panels for energy
  • Provides subsidies to employees for walking/ride sharing/biking/taking public transportation to work, purchase of high MPG vehicles
  • Use of natural ingredients
  • Green printing: use non-toxic soy ink and paper with no less than 30% post-consumer content
  • Encourages employees to grow organic vegetables
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle shipping materials

Earth Friendly Products outdoor employee organic garden

In 2012, a movie was released about Earth Friendly Products founder Dr. Van Vlahakis. A Green Story chronicles his plight on making healthier products for families and the environment.

Visit the Earth Friendly Products website to learn more about the amazing milestones that the company has accomplished and the several awards won. You can also connect with Earth Friendly Products on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Glenn Burkett says:

    We used to purchase Earth Friendly Dishmate – Almond – 25 oz at Mothers Market in Santa Ana, CA.
    They no longer carry the product. Where in Orange County, Calif. is the product still available?

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