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While I was pregnant with Big B, I read several books on breastfeeding. While I did research on the hows and problem solving, the one thing I didn’t look into was intimate apparel. It just seemed like they were all the same, provide access to the breast to feed the baby. Well, my eyes were certainly opened after I was already in the thick of it. Now, I definitely know that not all nursing bras are made equal.
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The Nursing Bra Express is an online retailer providing products for breastfeeding needs as well as transitionwear. They carry brands trusted by moms such as Bravado® Designs, Earth Mama Angel Baby®, and Maya Wrap, among others. In addition, the website provides breastfeeding information and support for parents. For your convenience, The Nursing Bra Express accepts orders online, by email, phone or fax, as well as major credit cards. Expectant moms can also create a wish list to share with family and friends.

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I received The Easy Bra in toffee to review. I cannot tell you how easy it is to nurse while wearing this bra. The pull-aside feature makes breastfeeding convenient, even in the middle of the night when your are half-awake. I own 4 different nursing bras from different manufacturers, and despite the one-handed clasp that other bras offer for easy nursing, none can compare to The Easy Bra. What I like about this bra is that it does not have any clasp. I don’t have to fidget to expose and cover the breast, I just pull it to the side and pull back. Another reason that I like this feature is that there’s nothing that can hurt the baby when he rubs his face against me. I sometimes worry that he’ll poke his eye or hurt his face on the clasp. Not so with this bra.easy bra nursing braI also like that it doesn’t have any underwire. Right now, bras with underwire are not my first choice. They feel pretty constricting. (I have no doubt that once I’m done nursing it will be on the top of my list.) The band on The Easy Bra provides me with enough support without any discomfort. However, after a few uses, the band folded in half. I tried to unfold it, but I’ve worn it out so I think it’s pretty much permanent. The half width has not affected the bra’s functionality or support and comfort. Now, it’s just the same width as the bands on my nursing tops.

nursing bra express easy bra close upThe Easy Bra is $26 and I think a pretty good value. I used to think that it was expensive compared to other nursing bras out there. However, my more inexpensive bras don’t give the support that this one does, nor are they as convenient. Also, maternity and nursing intimate apparel is not that cheap, so this one is actually a good price. This really is a very comfortable bra, I’ve worn it while sleeping and through the day (on many occasions). Whatever investment you make for the purchase of The Easy Bra, it will be quickly returned.Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for your review! I’m actually looking for a nursing bra since i’m giving birth in 4 weeks! I love that it’s comfy yet it offers support (which is what i want most) and on those days that i’ll be sore, easiness to put it on it’s really important, all points that you covered on your review! Awesome!

    Liz Ticona

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