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icu eyewear eco friendly sunglasses

As summer is right around the corner, my brain is starting to think of sun safety for the whole family. In one of my Sun Safety Series posts, I mentioned that sunglasses are essential in sun protection for your eyes. There are a couple of eye diseases attributable to sun exposure such as Keratitis (corneal sunburn) and cataracts.* Sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories, they offer protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

I received the Butterfly sunnies in black/turquoise and the Rounded Cat Eye black/white sunnies from ICU Eyewear for review. The Butterfly is not your ordinary sunglasses, it is eco-friendly. The Butterfly is not only recyclable, but was made with recycled material. In addition to being super cute (I love over-sized sunglasses), it protects my eyes from UVA and UVB. It actually comes in two colors, black/turquoise and white/turquoise.

icu eyewear butterfly black and turquoise sunnies

The Rounded Cat Eye is not part of the Eco Collection. However, I wanted to compare sunnies from the Eco Collection and the regular collection. You can’t tell the difference between which is made from recycled material and which is not. They both feel the same. They also both function well. I haven’t bent the temples far enough to test them. These are made well, but any plastic frame will snap if you give it enough force. I like these sunnies too much to try and break them.

icu eyewear rounded cat eye black and white

Favorite features of ICU Eyewear Eco Collection
  • Sunnies and reading glasses are certified carbon neutral products
  • Frames and lenses are recyclable
  • Some frames are made with recycled or renewable content
  • Wide variety of designs and styles

There are about six different designs that come in a couple of colors in the Eco Collection. In addition to the Butterfly, I also like the Modern Cat Eye. As far as the regular sunnies collection, some of my favorites are the Large Cat Eye, Large Leatherette Cat Eye, Metal Aviators, and Metal Temples Trim.

One thing to note about the ICU Eywear sunnies is how they affect what you are seeing. They give a brownish tint. It doesn’t affect the clarity of what you are seeing, but it’s like looking through a filter. Well, you are looking through a filter. However, there’s an added layer of flares. When looking in the direction of the sun, you will see flares where the sun is. The further you turn from the sun, the flares will begin to disappear. I tried to capture the image in the photo below. The picture on the left is what you would see without the sunglasses. The image on the right is what you would see with the sunglasses on (except not so brown). Notice how there are flares on the upper right? That’s kind of how it is when looking through the sunnies. The flare effect disappears when you’re inside the car; I’m guessing because of the windshield and windows.

effect of looking through sunnies

The price point of these sunnies, regular and Eco Collection, start at $21.95. Not bad at all.

I’m hosting a giveaway for a pair of ICU Eyewear sunnies. Head on over to the Hello Summer Giveaway Hop and enter for a chance to win your very own pair.

Visit ICU Eyewear to learn more about the Eco Collection, including reading glasses. You can connect with ICU Eyewear on Facebook and Pinterest.

How do you protect your eyes from the sun’s UV? What are your favorite sunglasses?

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  1. While working out here I wear special running sunglasses that are lightweight and very dark in addition to a sun visor and sunblock. The sun shines very bright here and we tend to forget it is worst when it’s cloudy, I’ve gotten sun burned when it’s cloudy. So yes sunnies are very important to is year round.

    • Romina says:

      I totally agree that people forget just how much sun exposure we can get even on cloudy days. Sun protection is really a year-round effort and not just during summer. Thanks for stopping by Maribel.

  2. Melissa S says:

    I always wear sunglasses, clipons with my glasses and regular with contacts. I love the cat eye sunglasses you reviewed I also like them in the metallic blue and black.

  3. Sabrina Radke says:

    I really like the black/tortoise Butterfly Sunglasses, red or green butterfly wavy temple and the cat eye sunglasses in tortoise. I love oversized sunglasses too!

  4. Natalie Brown says:

    Hello! They have nice glasses both sun and reading. My favorite pair is the Modified Cat Bifocal Reading Sunglasses. I’m a cat eye kinda person. lol Thank-you for the information!

  5. valerie says:

    I really like the idea of eco sunglasses. i hate tossing mine away when they break knowing they will just be trash. i think if i had to chose i’d chose the modern cat eye metallic temple sunglasses.

  6. Carissa Joslyn says:

    My favorite is the Bamboo Pattern Sunglass! Love them! 🙂 my kids are part Asian, so I love the bamboo, too!

  7. Alona Y says:

    I have sunglasses that are all really old and beat up, my favorite is a crazy purple glittery cat eye pair I found at the thrift store! I love the butterfly sunglasses in Tortoise/Ivory from the eco collection.

  8. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    There are alot of cool sunglasses there. I think I would go with BUTTERFLY SUNGLASS Tortoise/Ivory as my favorite.

  9. Wehaf says:

    I like the butterfly style, but I’m torn between the black/tortoise version and the tortoise/ivory version!

  10. Cassandra WM says:

    I love the cat eye style of sunglasses, but I surprisingly don’t have any. So the tortoise Cat Eye sunglasses are definitely my favorite.

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