El Rocoto Peruvian Restaurant

El Rocoto Leche asada

I’ve decided to add a Restaurant Spotlight to my Food Adventure category. SoCal is culturally rich and diverse, and has a plethora of amazing eateries. It just seemed like a good thing to do. It’s not meant to review or critique these places, but to showcase the cornucopia of cuisines and restaurants out here.

A few months ago, my cousin visited from Singapore. As always, we got together with his college friends for a delicious meal. We’ve always let them pick the restaurants since we enjoy trying new places. We went to El Rocoto Peruvian Restaurant in Cerritos. Please pardon my images. I rarely bring my blogging camera when I go out to eat with family and friends, and usually take pictures with my phone. I do edit them. However, sometimes, they just don’t do the dishes justice. Trust me, I won’t feature something not worthy of a blog post.

So on to El Rocoto. When we got to the restaurant, our friends had ordered several entrees to share with everyone. We didn’t mind that others ordered for us. In fact, it’s kind of liberating. Sometimes going to a new restaurant can be daunting because everything just sounds so good you don’t know what to pick. Below are just some of the fares that we tried.

This is the Ceviche de lengua. It was so refreshing. As a family of seafood lovers, hubby and I really enjoyed this dish. Big B and Little B did not try it. I just wasn’t comfortable with them eating ceviche yet. Someday soon though, I’m sure they will delight in it.

El Rocoto Ceviche de lenguado

We also tried the Jalea. If you like fried seafood, this one might be right up your alley. It was definitely fried goodness. I can say that at least it’s seafood to justify the fact that I ordered something fried. But in the end, it’s still fried. It didn’t bother me. I am a big fan of calamari and fried seafood. I just don’t eat it every day.

El Rocot Jalea

Another dish we tried was the Arroz con mariscos. The picture was un-savable, so I’ll spare you. The dish reminded me of paella. It was flavorful and delicious. Hubby did order a meat dish to offset all of the seafood. I just don’t quite remember what it was called. Lastly, we shared a couple of leche asada between all of us (first picture on the post). I expected it to be like flan since it looked like flan. It was kind of a mix between flan and crème brûlée. The three seafood dishes and one meat dish was plenty for five adults and three young kids. Plus, they provided you with bread that you dip in two different dipping sauces (the green one was my favorite).

El Rocoto Peruvian Restaurant is located at 11433 South St., Cerritos, CA 90703.

Have you tried Peruvian food? If you live in SoCal, where would you recommend someone go for good Peruvian cuisine?


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