Clean Fruits and Veggies with Environne Vegetable Wash

environme produce wash

How do you wash your fruit? Do you do a quick rinse under running water? Do you use a brush? How about using a produce wash? In the past, I’ve only used the first two methods to clean fruits and veggies. It wasn’t until I came across Environné, now sold as Purely™ Essential, at Expo West a while back that I began to use a produce wash to clean my produce. Since I got a sample to try, I may as well use it.

Produce washes come in foam, wipes, and spray. Actually, Environné is the only produce wash I’ve encountered that comes in foam form. You know, I have to say that I actually prefer it over a spray. The foam works just as well, after all, it’s the same formula, it just comes out of the bottle differently. I prefer it because it’s more precise, whereas a spray tends to get all over the place.

I usually just do a quick pump directly on the fruit and rub all over. I then rinse for about 30 seconds making sure all the residue has been washed. If washing more than one fruit at a time, I do a couple of quick pumps into a bowl of water.

environme clean water

I then add the fruit and rub each fruit. After all the individual fruits have been washed, I throw out the water and rinse with running water. It’s pretty easy.

apples washed in environme

You can see below just how much dirt was on the apples.

dirty water after washing apples

Since I don’t always buy organic, making sure that my produce is clean before I serve it to my family is important. I prefer to clean with something other than just running water. After a quick Google search, there are many articles that suggest simply cleaning produce with water is not enough to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Produce washes, a vinegar solution, or a brush, are superior to water in getting rid of toxins and living organisms.

Visit Purely™ Essential to learn more about the importance of using a produce wash. You can connect with Purely™ Essential on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Chris says:

    I love Environne. I’m meh about he name change but I’m sure it’s a branding/marketing thing. I still have a bottle and a half of their regular liquid! I use it sparingly and clean all my veggies and fruit with it. The foam sounds promising!

    • Romina says:

      Love the foam; so easy to wash off too. Even when I didn’t use my foam sparingly, that bottle lasted. Thanks for stopping by Chris.

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