Fisherman Eyewear Bamboo Sunglasses

fisherman eyewear 40th anniversary sunglass

Summer has come and gone…all too quickly for me. However, sun protection is really a year-round job. Not just for your skin, but for your eyes as well. I often have to remind my husband to wear his sunglasses. Unfortunately, I see his pair on the kitchen counter more often than I care to count.

I received a pair of Fishermen Eyewear limited edition 40th Anniversary Sunglass for review. I absolutely loved the way they looked when I saw them at Expo West this past spring. Unfortunately for me, they were a bit too big. They kept sliding off my nose. However, lucky for hubby, they fit him perfectly. I told him that they’re his in exchange for his opinion. That was a no-brainer for him.

Fisherman Eyewear was not a brand I was familiar with. My husband, on the other hand, recognized the brand right away. (I guess that’s why he jumped at the chance to review them.) He put the sunglasses on and said that they’re pretty cool. I thought, okay, I’m going to need more opinion than that.

fisherman eyewear wooden sunglasses in different perspective

Fisherman Eyewear Bamboo Sunglasses

  • Polarized
  • Offers UVA/UVB protection
  • Made of bamboo
  • Spring hinges
  • Lightweight

As we were driving, he said that he missed polarized sunglasses. I honestly couldn’t tell you why polarized sunglasses are important, but he seemed to care. I guess as someone who goes fishing often, polarized lenses make a difference to him. All of Fisherman Eyewear sunglasses are polarized. After visiting the Fisherman Eyewear website, I discovered that the company uses photochromic technology. Now that is cool. It just means that the lenses adjust to the light and will get darker or lighter depending on how bright it is outside.

peering through a fisherman eyewear sunglasses

One of my favorite features of these sunglasses, aside from the fact that they are made with a sustainable resource, is that the frames protect the lenses even if you accidentally leave the sunglasses lens side down. Unlike other sunglasses with a wire or thin rim/frame, no part of the lens touches the table or surface. As for my husband, the summary of why he likes this pair is: it’s polarized, looks cool, and lightweight.

The price point of these limited sunglasses is $40. It’s not a bad price at all. I couldn’t find them anywhere on the Fisherman Eyewear website, but you can do a web search and find online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Happy 40th anniversary Fisherman Eyewear. And many more years to come.

Visit Fisherman Eyewear to learn more about the different styles offered. You can connect with Fisherman Eyewear on Facebook.

Have you ever heard of Fisherman Eyewear? Would you wear bamboo sunglasses

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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