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Today, April 23, is National Picnic Day. (Yes, there is such a thing.) As most folks do, we usually bring disposable tableware during picnics. It’s more convenient, but not the most eco-friendly way to celebrate family fun time under the sun…at least, not until now. I discovered Green Paper™ Products while looking for eco-friendly plates, utensils, and cups. Today, there are several options available for the eco-conscious picnickers who don’t want to clutter the landfills with disposable tableware.

About Green Paper™ Products

Green Paper™ Products is an online retailer of biodegradable, compostable disposable tableware. The company distributes the highest quality eco-friendly tableware and green products, and features corn and sugarcane based disposable products manufactured by Ecotainer®, Nature Friendly Products®, EcoSafe®, Fabri-Kal®, and Stalkmarket®. Their goal is to provide customers with products made from renewable resources and decrease organic materials from landfills. Additionally, the company is committed to composting and provides online information and resources on their website to educate others about composting. Their products include oval and round plates (classic and partitioned), soup/salad bowls (with and without lids), hot and cold cups, cutlery (combo/sets), and to-go containers.
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We received the Green Party Ware Pack for review which includes: dinner plates, dessert plates, cutlery, cold cups, and tall trash bags. These products look and feel just like their non-compostable counterparts. I would not be able to tell the difference between them if they were put side-by-side.


Both the dinner and dessert plates are thick and adequately sized. Since we did not have any wet foods, I could not tell how well the plates would do if wet foods sat for too long. However, given the foods that we did have, the plates performed fine; they held up well. The cutlery worked well and were a good size for both adults and children. The knife did very well in cutting food as you can see below. It was just sharp enough to cut through the mango, but not a safety hazard for kids. I did try to bend a few to see how well they would take to pressure. The spoon, fork, and knife broke. I applied the same pressure to plastic cutlery we have and those did not break. What I did notice is that the plastic cutlery are thicker than the compostable ones, which may be the reason why they did not break. The durability of the compostable cutlery should be fine for eating.

The tall kitchen trash bag is big and it fit all our trash. I really like that you can throw everything in the trash bag, from the food to the tableware, and toss the whole thing in your compost. It not only reduces what goes into the landfill, but it actually turns into something useful and beneficial to plants.

I am pretty excited about this find. Compostable disposable products are definitely the greener way to go. As with any eco-friendly product, they are more expensive than their petroleum-based counterparts, but safer for the environment. The tableware is good for personal and business use. I have seen more and more restaurants use compostable drinking cups, and that makes me smile. Whether you’re looking for disposables for a picnic, party, or business affair, check out Green Paper™ Products for more compostable tableware. They have an awesome selection. Plus, you can try out some of their products for free (just pay shipping charges).

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Apple Pie says:

    I’d love to try their biodegradable trash bags. Most of our waste in recycled or composted, but every bit counts!

    roroapple at aol dot com

  2. Quantmlife says:

    Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ We’re expecting a baby this summer so all would be great because it would feel great to know we could use disposables for the first few weeks without negatively impacting the environment ~ thanks for a great giveaway.

  3. tlcrum06 says:

    absolutely the dinnerware….paper plates are almost a have-to at our house because I am disabled…try to get a 16yr son to wash dishes…ha!!

    Thanks for these terrific ‘green’ giveaways!

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