Halloween Crafts Using Embroidery Hoops

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Halloween is around the corner; let the crafting begin. I decided to use embroidery hoops to make very simple halloween wall decorations since I’m all about reusing and repurposing. Believe me, it took some will power to not buy cute and cheap halloween decor at the dollar store. In the end, the time and effort was worth it.

Below are three ways you can use embroidery hoops to make simple crafts.These projects are super easy. Uninterrupted, it can take less than 30 minutes. Interrupted, well, that’s another story. The first thing I did was to buy halloween-themed fabric. These are now on sale at fabric stores. I got mine at Jo-Ann’s for 40% off.

embroidery hoops for holiday crafts

The first hoop craft was a simple cutting project. I used the inner hoop as a guide to draw a circle on the fabric. I didn’t cut directly on the line, but added about a one centimeter margin and cut there. That margin is what will be sandwiched between the inner and outer hoop.

drawing a circle around embroidery hoop

The next craft needed spider webbing and a plastic/rubber spider. First, lay down spider webbing just a little bit bigger than the outer hoop. Next, lay the hoop on top of the webbing. Fold the webbing over the hoop. Last, insert the inner hoop to secure the webbing. Now, all you need to do is add the spider. Easy. Peasy.

spider web on embroidery hoop

The last craft is probably the one that took the most time. The materials used are fabric and orange tulle. I used the inner hoop of a small embroidery hoop and the outer hoop of a larger one. I then tied the two pieces together so that the smaller hoop doesn’t move around. I then cut strips of fabric, about two and a half inches wide. I wrapped the wreath with the fabric all the way around. You can use safety pins in the back to adhere the ends of the fabric pieces together. I made a bow with the tulle and pinned it to the fabric. If you want to make it easier, you can use a wide ribbon instead of fabric. That way, you can skip a step.

halloween wreath using embroidery hoops

These embroidery hoops are so versatile. I used them last Christmas as background for our photo booth.

christmas wall decoration using embroidery hoops

Happy crafting!

halloween wall decoration using embroidery hoops

How would you use embroidery hoops in crafting? What other items do you have at home that you can repurpose for halloween crafts?


    • Romina says:

      Thanks, Jamie. They were very easy. I think the hardest part was picking fabric at the store. The rest took minutes to complete.

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