Babywearing with the FreeHand Mei Tai™

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It’s Babywearing Awareness Month, and I want to introduce one of the carriers that I’ve had the pleasure of using with Little B. I love babywearing. I didn’t like it so much when I was wearing Big B due to the type of carrier I used. Now, as a second-time mom, I’ve been wearing Little B for 20 months (and counting). I’ve been fortunate, and maybe a little obsessed, to have the opportunity to try different brands and types of carriers; from woven wraps, to soft-structured, to mei tais. I can say that I’ve loved using each and every single one of them.

I received the Freehand Mei Tai™ for review. (Disclosure: Sponsored post.) I had been wearing Little B using a no-fuss wrap before trying the mei tai. I was hesitant to try it initially for a few reasons. The straps were very long and I thought it would be complicated to tie. Also, there were no buckles, I was concerned that it would not be secure enough or that the tie would unravel and the baby would fall through. It was a very simple carrier, maybe too simple to be safe. All these reasons acted as barriers. However, I decided to try it anyway. After a few attempts, all my fears went away.

freehand mei tai

freehand padded straps

Freehand Mei Tai™ features
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Front, back, hip carry positions
  • Fits babies and parents of any size
  • Can be used for babies up to 35 pounds
  • Easy to clean

I eventually got used to tying the straps. In fact, it took me about 30 seconds to secure Little B in it. It’s really not that long. Yes, it was different than just clicking buckles together, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was actually easier to adjust the straps on the FreeHand than on one of my soft-structured carrier.

freehand at beach back view

Since the carrier is made with all cloth, maintenance was super easy. I just tossed the whole thing in the washer. Carriers with buckles recommend against washing the carriers too often. I didn’t have this issue with the FreeHand Mei Tai™. If it got soiled, I just washed it. It didn’t affect it’s functionality at all.

Before I tried the mei tai, I had a private consultation with a certified babywearing educator. Since Little B was a tiny little infant, she taught me how to modify the carrier to ensure a more comfortable fit for Little B. She said to tie a string around the bottom of the body (where the legs will be) to make the body narrower. This will make it more comfortable for the baby to be in the carrier. The trick totally worked.

using string to narrow freehand for infants

The price point for the FreeHand Mei Tai™ starts at $49 for the Carrie print. It’s definitely a very competitive price for a baby carrier. I think of the mei tai as a combination of a wrap and soft-structured carrier. It has the flexibilty and adaptability of a wrap, but the ease of use and simplicity of a structured-carrier.

Visit the TogetherBe website to learn more about FreeHand baby carriers. You can connect with TogetherBe via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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