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As a first-time mom, I had my challenges. None of them made me feel so guilty and inadequate as having a low milk supply. I was so stressed about not having enough milk to give Big B that it was causing me to not produce milk…you know, it was a catch 22. Of course, there were other breastfeeding issues, but those I could not control, or felt like it was something I can change. Breastfeeding the second-time around was definitely easier and more enjoyable. I felt like I was armed with more information, experience, and quite honestly, the right products.

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After having supply issues with Big B, I decided to get a little help for nursing Little B. I purchased a bottle of more milk plus before I gave birth. I knew that my milk would not come until after a week, but I took the capsules anyway. Prior to more milk plus, the only other product I took to increase my milk supply was tea. I wasn’t sure it was working for me. If I saw an increase, it was incremental. I can honestly say that more milk plus works. I see a difference in several ounces after taking it. How do I know? I’ve pumped with and without taking the capsule and I see the difference. I know that milk supply is influenced by other things such as how much fluids you’ve taken or sleep you’ve had, and other things. However, all things equal, I’ve seen a difference in my supply, and I can feel the difference too, after taking more milk plus.

Although I have not taken the liquid form, after smelling it, I opted for the capsule. It’s not pungent, just strong. The one issue that I have, which is not a big deal, is the instructions for taking the capsules. It’s not so much the daily dose of 4 capsules throughout the day, it’s that for maximum results you should avoid drinking more than 1-2 ounces of liquid 15 minutes before and after a dose. I know, it’s a little demanding, and something that has actually caused me to miss doses. But, I do it anyway for Little B. I don’t mind taking the 4 capsules; it’s just one more pill to add to the other pills I’m taking (prenatal vitamins, iron, and calcium). I also don’t mind that I have to space it out; I have to space out the iron and calcium pills too. I just forget to sometimes take it because I’m drinking water throughout the day.

In addition to increasing my milk supply, I also love that it’s all natural and made in the US. Despite my one and only one hang up. I highly recommend this product. I tried it because it’s praised and trusted by moms and lactation experts. But, I continue to use it because it works for me. It’s about $0.40 a capsule, but the return in breastmilk is priceless.

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  1. Beth R says:

    I am sure I would have to take the capsule as well. I am not sure I could take something that smelled strongly. I would love to take this to increase my supply

  2. I love all natural products and the fact that was made here in the US it’s a great fact! i haven’t tried this product, but always looking for new better products to try! i’ll be breastfeeding soon *due in 4 wks* so i’ll keep this in mind! thanks for great review!

    liz ticona

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