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Niagara deluxe water ecokit contents

A few weeks ago, I published a post about ways to conserve water. The conservation of natural resource is very important to us. It goes beyond saving money, though that certainly is a perk. It’s about taking care of the planet as well.

One of the tips I mentioned included installing little gadgets around the house that could help minimize water use. We received the Niagara Conservation Deluxe Water EcoKit™ for review, which included these gadgets. The kit contained items that allows you to discover problems, fix them, and reduce water usage.

Deluxe Water EcoKit™ includes
  • 1.5 GPM Earth® Massage high-efficiency handheld showerhead
  • 1.5 GPM dual-spray kitchen swivel aerator
  • (2) 1.0 GPM bathroom aerators
  • Toilet Tank Bank™
  • Toilet water saver fill cycle diverter
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Leak detection tablets
  • Flow meter bag
  • Conservation wheel

Overall, I really liked the Deluxe Water Ecokit™. It was thoughtfully put together. Instructions were easy to understand. Everything was super easy to use or install.

bathroom aerator

The aerators and handheld showerhead work really well. My kids blast the faucet to full anytime they turn the water on. They just cannot easily manipulate the faucet handles like adults do. Therefore, they are either on full blast or off. Thankfully, the aerators provide good flow; enough water comes out to do the job without consuming too much. The showerhead has an adjustable setting so you can control the water stream. Similar to the aerators, even if you have the water turned on the highest lever, you are not using as much water as you think.

high efficiency hand held shower head

After using the leak detection tablets, I discovered that our master bathroom toilet had a leak. It was pretty cool to see how it worked. I dropped the tablet in the tank and waited a few minutes. I then saw the bowl water turn blue to indicate the leak. It was definitely good that we found out about it. Unfortunately, the tape that came with the kit was of no use. We eventually had to change our toilet bowl. However, the tape was useful for other things. We had a little plumbing issue and used the tape as a band-aid until the plumber was able to fix the problem.

I wish I can say with certainty that we have saved money using these gadgets. However, prior to installing any of the aerators and the handheld shower, I did not check my water bill for comparison purposes. Unfortunately, our water usage went up after installing these gadgets. We began to use cloth diaper (which increased our laundry by at least 2 loads a week) and my parents started doing their laundry at our home. Although we do have an he washing machine, the usage cannot compare to what it was before. Therefore, it won’t be a fair comparison.

kitchen aerator

I do think that this kit was invaluable to our family. Not only did I discover a leak, but after checking the water flow in our kitchen and bathrooms using the flow meter bag, I now know that our faucets are pretty efficient and save us money. You could certainly buy each item separately, but the kit really does make life a little simpler and more convenient. I also appreciate the conservation wheel. I love the tips about how to reduce and conserve resources. I think too often we take things for granted, and the conservation wheel really put things into perspective.

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How do you conserve water in your home?

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