Storage and Organization: Reusing Plastic Packaging

reusing plastic packaging

Storage. Organization. The need for more storage and organization is constant in my household. As hard as I try to declutter every now and then, there is this perpetual flux of stuff into my house. As an eco-conscious consumer, I am relieved when the packaging is recyclable. However, sometimes, that is not the case. There are still plastic containers out there that I can’t recycle. Instead, I reuse.

These types of packaging come in many forms. For example, packaging for bedsheets and comforters do not have the recycling sign on them. Baby products like bibs, socks, and onesies are packaged in non-recyclable plastics. Kits that you get at the dentist after a visit are handed to you in non-recyclable plastics.

It may not be pretty, or display worthy, but reusing plastic packaging is not just green, but also saves money. You don’t have to buy something new to store items you own. Seriously, why buy when you can reuse? Below are just some examples of ways that I have reused non-recyclable plastic packaging.

Toys – clear plastic containers are a great way to store toys. They help the kids find things they need quickly. We use them for puzzle pieces since we don’t have a puzzle shelf and store puzzle boards vertically. These plastics are also helpful in organizing legos by color. Although to be honest, most of the Legos end up mixed anyway. A for effort, though.

toy container

Items that do not come with their own covers – I know it’s hard to tell, but that is a sleeping bag inside of a comforter packaging. I do not have closets or drawers in the garage where we keep a lot of items. The best way for me to protect them from dirt and dust is to keep them in something. The plastic packaging is flexible enough so I can squeeze it in small spaces. I can’t do that with plastic bins that line my walls.

reusing comforter plastic bag

Craft supplies – I like the idea of using mason jars to keep craft supplies (as inspired by many Pinterest pins), but they are bulky, breakable, and rigid. Plastic containers often do just as good a job. Also, I keep my craft supplies in a bin and it’s easier to stack and compress plastic bags together than glass jars.

craft supplies storage

Kids accessories – I keep the boys’ accessories in these bags, especially the ones that do not get used often. It makes finding them easier in the drawers. Also, I’ve used these bags to organize kids clothes/accessories that I have handed down to friends. It makes their organization simpler too.

accessories organizer

First aid kit – We used this first aid kit when we travelled out of the country. Although I’m sure our hosts had band-aids on hand, it was just easier to carry our own supplies with the items we needed.

first aid kit

There are many other ways to reuse plastic packaging. I have no doubt that there are countless boards in Pinterest showcasing all the green ways you can repurpose non-recyclables.

Although tupperware are recyclable, I decided to feature them with this post as another way to reuse plastic containers. Since switching to glass food storage, I have either given away or repurposed plastic tupperware. The larger ones are great to help keep kitchen cabinets organized. These “bins” make categorizing like items a breeze. I have one for teas, spices, and baking items, among other things.

reusing tupper for storage.JPG

How have you reused non-recyclable plastic packaging?

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