Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts

Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts book cover
Halloween is just a few days away and I decided to bake the neighborhood kids some sweet treats when they come over to play. Since food allergies and sensitivities are so common, I wanted to make sure that I make something that everyone, or at least almost everyone, can eat. I also wanted to bake from scratch using natural ingredients…yeah, I’m in an experimenting kind of mood.

I received the Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts and I am so inspired. (Disclosure: Sponsored post.) After looking at the pictures, it’s hard to choose which sweet treat to make. Below is an excerpt for a recipe for Chilling Monsters. It looks so super easy. However, I do have my eye on the Witch & Zombie Fingers cookies or the Spiders cupcakes for the kiddos.

gluten free halloween cookies
Credit: Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts
gluten free halloween cupcake
Credit: Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts
Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts recipes

Cookies: Witch & Zombie Fingers, Zombies
Cakes: Graveyard Chocolate Cake,
Cupcakes: Wicked Witches, Spiders
Pie: Bewitched Pumpkin Pie
And so much more

2 cups corn flakes (preferably organic & gluten-free)
14 ounces (400 grams) good quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces

1. Line a tray with parchment paper.
2. Measure the cornflakes into a bowl, and set aside.
3. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof, glass bowl over simmering water. Once the chocolate is melted, remove the bowl from the heat, and let the chocolate cool for 2-3 minutes. (Be careful not to wait too long!)
4. Stir the melted chocolate into the cornflakes and mix well.
5. Using a tablespoon, drop the mixture onto the lined tray, making oblong shapes—like monster faces
6. Refrigerate until the chocolate is set—about 30 minutes.

ROYAL ICING (covers 6 – 8 cookies)
1 large egg white (could be pasteurized)
1½ cups powdered sugar, sifted
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

(for decorating)
½ recipe Royal Icing, divided:
2 ounces (60 grams) red
1 ounce (30 grams) white
1 ounce (30 grams) black
icing piping bags and #3 tips

1. Using an electric mixer, beat the egg white for a few seconds before adding the sugar and half of the lemon juice. The icing’s consistency should be smooth and heavy cream-like.
2. Add the remaining lemon juice (and more if you feel it’s needed) one drop at a time. You may also add more sugar to suit your liking.
3. Just a few drops of liquid, more or less, will alter the icing’s consistency.
4. We recommend a thicker icing for outlining the cookie, and thinner icing for filling out the inside.

To Decorate
1. Chilling Monsters are very easy to decorate. The trick is to find the places where the eyes and mouth will fit.
2. Using the piping bag, create the eyes with red Royal Icing. Add the detail of the pupils with a dot of black icing in the center of the red.
3. Draw on fangs with the white icing.

gluten free corn flakes dessert
Credit: Spooktacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts

You can purchase a copy of this cookbook online.

Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. I was given permission to reprint the recipe on my blog.


  1. Elisebet F says:

    I’d like to try the shortbread cookies! But actually, if I win, I’m going to give this book to a friend whose little one is allergic to gluten and dairy.

  2. Nancysue says:

    The fingers, the chilling monsters, and especially the royal icing. I’ve had more than my share of gF icing fails 🙂 Can’t wait to try it and ice anything that doesn’t move 🙂 I know the instructions said one recipe, but I can’t make that choice 🙂 Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  3. Jamie says:

    I’ve had so much fun this year looking through all the creative Halloween recipes… i love that this cookbook is specifically gluten free… and those fingers are creative but I don’t know if I could eat them lol

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