Semi-homemade Cooking with Sprouts

Sprouts shopping cart

Sprouts is one of my go-to grocers. Not only because it’s close to my home, but because Sprouts offers brands that I feel reflect my philosophy for a better diet, nutrition, and overall lifestyle. I am working with Sprouts to promote the Better For You Brand Sale (#BetterForYouBrandSale). During this sale, Sprouts has amazing deals for the entire month of April.

On my last shopping trip at Sprouts, I picked up a few items that helped me create semi-homemade recipes for those times when I’m in a rush. Sometimes, I just don’t have the luxury of making a meal or a snack from scratch. It’s not just because I shuttle the kids to and from school and extracurricular activities, but I also volunteer for organizations, I am a MOPS leader, and I help take care of my aging parents. Even if I’m in a hurry, there’s no reason not to make something as healthy as I can possibly make it. That’s where Sprouts comes in.

I decided to experiment a little with one of the boys’ favorites: mac and cheese. In an effort to add more veggies to the kids’ diet, I decided to make mac and cheese veggie bites. The kids, and hubby, loved it. The recipe was simple and easy to execute. I pretty much just chopped whatever vegetables I had at hand with a mini processor and mixed them with the mac and cheese. I also added uncured bacon to add a layer of smoky flavor to the dish and topped with cheese.

mac and cheese veggie bites

I made the mac and cheese veggie bites as a side for dinner and leftovers kept well for the next day’s lunch. The mac and cheese veggie bites are perfect for school lunches or as a snack to take to the park or playdate. It’s bite sized so there’s no need for utensils, it’s compact so it doesn’t require much space, and it’s relatively mess-free. Additionally, every bite has macro and micronutrients that growing kids need.

mac and cheese bites for school lunch

Another quick semi-homemade recipe I experimented with was mini pull-apart monkey bread. For this, I bought the Immaculate Baking Company cinnamon roll and added cinnamon apples. Instead of making my own apple cinnamon, I simply added cinnamon to an apple snack and roughly chopped the apples into small pieces. I used the sauce in the snack pack and mixed that with the glaze that came with the cinnamon roll.

preparing cinnamon roll and icing

The kids devoured the monkey bread. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve never had it or because it was delicious. Either way, I’ve found a quick and simple recipe to make on the mornings when we don’t have a lot of time for breakfast.

pull apart monkey bread with omelette

Drinking their food is probably the quickest way to get fruits and vegetables into my kids. A yogurt smoothie with frozen berries and some fresh veggies certainly packs a nutritional punch. In a matter of 2 minutes, I can create a delicious and refreshing afternoon snack for the kids before we head out to the next thing.

berry smoothie

As for me, if time permits, I prefer to savor my smoothies in a smoothie bowl. Don’t let the appearance fool you, this smoothie bowl still took less time to make than homemade pancakes. It just looks like I spent time on it.

berry smoothie bowl with coconut chips granola hemp seeds

Healthy recipes don’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of resources. You can create delicious, nutritious meals, even when you don’t have a lot of time. Sprouts makes it easy for you to be healthy in a hurry with two simple recipes.

Check out Sprouts’ April Deals of the Month to see how you can save on your favorite brands. Additionally, each week Sprouts offers sales not on the monthly publication, so stop by to see what else you can get a deal on.

What are your favorite healthy recipes to make when you’re in a time crunch?

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