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According to the CDC, one way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is to wear long sleeves and pants. I’ve worn long sleeves made of very thin, light material and I doubt they provided any protection. One of the reasons I like clothing made of UPF material is that sun protection is built in. I don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen because the protection doesn’t wear off over time or if subjected to sweat or water. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and it is how much UV radiation the fabric blocks. My family owns several outerwear and swimwear made of UPF fabric and we love them.

About Sun Protection Zone
Sun Protection Zone manufactures 100% UVA and UVB protection apparel and accessories for adults and children. An industry leader, Sun Protection Zone products are not just functional, but fashionable and competitively priced. Their sun protective product line includes swimwear, hats, shirts, jackets, sleeves, sunglasses, and of course sunscreen. They have been approved by the American Melanoma Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation, as well as featured in print publications. In addition to retail, Sun Protection Zone also spreads the message of sun safety and donates to charities to raise awareness for skin cancer.


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Where to buy

Sun Protection Zone products are available during their Costco road shows and on the Sun Protection Zone website.

I received the women’s Greanbeanz hooded jacket in Ice Grey and Lilac for review. First of all, this jacket is not just functional, it’s also eco-friendly. Similar to the DuckSkinz I reviewed last year, the Greanbeanz hooded jacket provides protection from both UVA and UVB. Additionally, the Greanbeanz line is made of recycled coffee grounds. That’s right, recycled coffee grounds transformed into an eco-friendly fabric. This jacket is a nexus of two things that are important to me: health and green living. I also like the color. Although the picture on the website makes it look white, it really is a very faint grey and the lilac is more on the pink side. 

Other features that appeal to me about this jacket are the weight, hood, and the sleeves. The jacket is lightweight, perfect for layering. It’s great as a cover up at the beach or when jogging, and it won’t get too hot. This has been my go-to jacket the last couple of weeks. I grab the Greanbeanz so that I don’t have to put on sunscreen and I’m confident that I am protected from the sun’s damaging rays. I also appreciate the hood because sometimes, like the day we went to the beach, the weather is a bit cooler than expected. The hood helped keep me warm while the clouds were hiding the sun. The sleeves have elastic which helps keep the sleeves up.

The jacket fits really well; it hits just at my hips and the sleeves at my wrist. Unfortunately, there is no size guide on the website so I got the small based on the size of my DuckSkinz. Although the small DuckSkinz was slightly loose on me, the Greanbeanz tapers because of the elastic at the bottom. One thing that I would have liked to have are pockets. Pockets would definitely be nice and convenient for keys or ID (like when going on a run).

The Greanbeanz hooded jacket sells for $60. It seems a bit pricey, I know. However, I’ve seen other UPF jackets by other manufacturers and it’s actually competitively priced. For what you are getting, an eco-friendly, sun protective product, it’s a reasonable price (but that’s just my opinion). It would make a great gift for someone…maybe a father who likes to golf or fish or do anything outdoors. It comes in XS – XXL for both men and women, and in a variety of colors.

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    I’d love to get the Women’s Greenbeanz Hooded Jacket in Cappuccino and Pink!!! Cute!
    ssqueakert at aol dot com

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