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happy egg cage free eggs

My family and I enjoy eggs. From scrambled, hard-boiled, in a quiche, or omelette, we do like eating eggs. I grew up eating one kind of eggs, just plain old white eggs. Today, I get so confused about the many varieties of eggs. I’m talking about organic, cage-free, boosted with Omega-3, and so on. I often wondered how any of those things affected the taste of the egg. I know they certainly affect the price.

We received eggs from The Happy Egg Co. for review. The first dish I used them in was a spinach omelette. Well, I couldn’t really tell if the egg tasted any better than regular eggs because I added spinach, mushrooms, salt, and cheese. My kids like my spinach omelette no matter what kind of egg I use. A few days later, I made hard-boiled eggs. Upon my first bite, I thought that they indeed tasted different, better and more flavorful than the eggs I grew up with. Now, I didn’t want to sway myself or convince myself that these tasted better because they were free range just to have something good to write. I reserved my opinions to myself for a while.

spinach omelette made with cage free eggs

Some time went by and my aunt came for a visit. We started talking and the topic of organic, free range eggs came up. She said her neighbors grow hens and give her eggs all the time. I asked her what she thought. She said that these eggs do have a different taste than their counterpart. I told her that I thought the same thing. Both my mom and my husband can’t tell the difference, and that’s okay. I have no intention of trying to convince anyone that these taste better since we all have unique tastebuds.

quiche made with cage free eggs

Taste aside, there are things, good things about these eggs that are very attractive to people who are conscious about where their food comes from and how that affects what eventually goes into their bodies.

The Happy Egg Co hens

  • Brown chickens (so they lay brown eggs)
  • Free range
  • Eat a vegetarian feed
  • Not given antibiotics or hormones

happy egg brown eggs

I don’t always buy free range eggs. The price is sometimes cost prohibitive. However, if the price were the same across the board, I would purchase organic eggs over non-organic eggs and eggs from free range over caged hens every time.

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UPDATE: Since writing this post, we have consistently purchased organic eggs at the store or from friends. We’ve also been gifted organic eggs from friends. They really just taste better. But, that’s just my opinion.

Disclosure: I received products featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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