Top 3 Reasons to Reuse Mason Jars

top 3 reasons to reuse mason jar

I buy grocery products that sometimes come in a glass jar. Before my hoarding days, I mean, my epiphany, I used to recycle the jars once they were empty. Lucky me, I encountered a cute craft project using mason jars, so I decided to keep my glass jars instead. Unfortunately, weeks would pass before I got any craft time for me to spruce them up. Jars started to stack up quickly. There I was with a bag full of empty glass jars sitting in my house because I couldn’t get my act together. After a while, I decided to just use them. No fussing. No crafting. No worries. Sometimes, I didn’t even bother peeling the labels.

Below are just three reasons why you should reuse those empty mason jars (even in all of their nakedness).

3 Reasons to Reuse Mason Jars

Save money. Yes, that’s right, no big shocker here. Instead of buying glass containers to store stuff in, just reuse what you already have. Why spend money if you don’t have to? You can reuse just the glass part or even the cover as well. I do have to admit that even if I saved money, I certainly have spent a lot of time trying to remove the labels. So, if you have any tips on how to remove labels from glass, please leave me a comment. I am open to suggestions.

mason jar food storage

Less clutter in the landfill. I wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed treehugger if I didn’t mention this reason. Glass is recyclable. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the luxury of having a recycling service that picks up recyclable materials. Often, these glass jars just end up getting thrown out in the landfill along with trash. Instead of throwing them out, give them a new purpose in life. They really are made to be used. I have no doubt they want you to use them. So go ahead, reuse them.

Mason jars are versatile. If you Google mason jars or go on Pinterest, you’ll find a plethora of uses for them. I mean there are boards upon boards for the hundreds of ways to use mason jars. From food storage to decorative pieces to gift packaging, the possibilities are endless. Get creative. Go crazy. Reuse the mason jars.

mason jars halloween decoration

Here are just a few ways I use glass jars

1. Store bulk food items
2. Store homemade peanut butter, hummus, pesto
3. Freezer canning homemade pasta sauce
4. Drinking glass
5. Flower vase
6. Halloween decoration
7. Toothbrush and toothpaste holder
8. Container for homemade juice and smoothies
9. Teacher back-to-school present holder
10. Packaging for homemade sweets Christmas gifts
11. Store bacon drippings (hubby likes to use the oil to season the cast iron pan)
12. Pencil/crayon/marker and other school supply holder

mason jar western theme birthday party deocration

How do you reuse your mason jars? What are your favorite uses for them?


  1. F. Foster says:

    I use my old jars to sort things I usually need in a hurry and waste a lot of time looking for, such as pens, lighters, matches, tape, screwdrivers, etc. They sure save time!

    • Romina says:

      Yes, reusing glass jars save so much more than just the environment. I just wish I had more time to be more crafty with them. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Noe says:

    These are awesome. If I didn’t have cpapry plastic wine glass holders over my kitchen sink full of glasses I never use or dust it would be SUCH a great kitchen fixture. I’ll be putting this on my list of to dos .

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