September is National Shake Month

This post is brought to you by Johnny Rockets. Among the many celebration months, one of the more fun and flavorful ones is Shake Month. Yes, there really is a National Shake Month. In celebration of Shake Month, Johnny Rockets launched two new flavors this year: Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake and the Goosebumps Shake. …

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EVOLVh shampoo and conditioner

Saying Goodbye to Itchy Scalp With EVOLVh

This post is brought to you by EVOLVh. A few months ago, I noticed that my scalp started to itch. It could have been due to a number of individual factors or a combination of them. It wasn’t bad that it was clinical or I had dandruff on my shirt; but it was enough of …

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church and state escargot

Church & State Bistro

A while back, my sister and I planned on going to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art since both of us were free. She was off work and the kids were with my mom. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was closed. We were just so excited that we got to hang out that …

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Lifeway frozen kefir dessert

Cool off with Lifeway® Frozen Probugs™

This post is brought to you by Lifeway® Foods. Recently, I’ve been on a probiotic kick. I didn’t really know what probiotics were a few years ago, but apparently, one of my childhood favorite drinks is considered a probiotic. This lead me to think about providing probiotics to the kids. I received a box of …

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sipsnap kid blue quench

SipSnap™ Kid Cup Cover

This post is brought to you by Double/Double. As Little B is getting older, he is exerting his independence more and more. He also wants to be just like big brother. Sometimes, that comes with a price, like when he prefers to use a drinking glass over a sippy cup. I don’t have a problem …

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Repurpose compostable tableware for picnics

Repurpose® Compostable Tableware

This post is brought to you by Repurpose®. A few weeks ago, we had a birthday playdate with Big B and a few of his friends. It was a simple picnic at the park. For convenience sake, I brought disposables with me. Most of the time, I’m all for reusables. However, I was given the …

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