maro wood grill ricotta noquis grilled tomatoes

Valentine’s Date Night at Maro Wood Grill

Here was a conversation I had with Hubby regarding Valentine’s Day: Me: February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Hubby: Uh huh. Me: Do you want to go out to dinner? (After 15 years together, there’s no need for me to beat around the bush.) Hubby: Where? Me: This place in Laguna Beach that serves locally sourced and …

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eggslut the slut

A Taste of Eggslut in Historic Downtown LA

In my post about taking the kids on a walking tour of Downtown LA, I mentioned stopping by Eggslut for breakfast. I promised a full feature, so here it is. Eggslut is located inside of Grand Central Market. The stall/kitchen is front and center facing Broadway Street. It’s hard to miss not so much because …

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ecloth deep clean mop

Chemical-free e-cloth Deep Clean Mop

A while back, my steam mop broke. I headed straight to Google to find reviews for other steam mops and eco-friendly floor cleaners. I came upon e-cloth and was intrigued. According to the website, all I needed to clean my floor was the mop and water. It can’t get any more eco-friendly than that. e-cloth …

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star wars diy party

DIY Star Wars Party

After watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I decided to finally write about Big B’s Star Wars party. We usually do a theme for each of the boys’ birthday parties, and without hesitation, Big B wanted to celebrate with The Force for his 6th birthday. As I was at the tail end of finalizing my …

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numi organic turmeric tea fields of gold

Celebrate Hot Tea Month with Numi® Organic Tea

The month of January celebrates many things: the beginning of a new year, health awareness campaigns, federal holidays, and the occasional food spotlights like tempura, apricot, bittersweet chocolate among many others. It also highlights National Hot Tea Month. You’re probably thinking, who comes up with all these celebrations, right? I don’t know myself, but as …

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